Monday, January 30, 2012

9 Days till Jesse comes Home!!!

We just got these great pictures and letter!!

Oh man oh man...

This week has been one of the greats. it was so fun we are just working hard.

This week we got to see Kasey Dagenais confirmed and we had almost all of our investigators at church it was so awesome we also were the special musical number Elder condiff Me and Michael Vargus we sand abide with me tis even tide. The only problem is that on thursday I noticed i was getting alittle bit horse. and on saturtad I couldnt barly talk. So i was prettty nervouse to sing in front of the ward and be cracking and squeeking the whole time so i said to our piano play sister pratt Im not gonna be able to sing we better find somebody to fill in. She just smiled and said I like when you sing it so you just go up there and crack and squeek away. sunday morning comes around and my voice was even worse I began to get alittle stressed and was again prodded by laura pratt and Elder Condiff that i should sing thinking the whole time of how embarrasing this was all going to be i was frustrated that no one would listen to me. and on top of that we had gotten almost all of our investigators to come due to the fact that we were singing. so church begins and our first speeker talked about 1ne ch 3 vrs 7. so i got the idea that if my hevenly father wanted me to sing i would be able to. well it worked when i got up there some how i managed to sing without a single crack or squeek. it was abit horse but it all was sung how it was supposed to. i was really greatful for the faith of sister pratt and my companion. because if i was left to the dicision myself i wouldnt have gone through with the singing.

After church they had a linger longer in my name and honor it was so nice of them i love the people here it made me really miss the place and I havent left yet. its amazing how every one of my areas has felt like home.

Well it turns out that the bike is on its way bro carson took it in and paid for every cent i cant believe it he wont tell me how much it was he dosent want me to pay him back I love those guys they have helped me so much.

so be expecting a bike sometime soon.

Well family ive got a crucial week ahead of me. Im excited and alittle nervous but i cant wait to see you guys. ill talk to you next week i love and miss you.

your son Elder J Wayne Burbidge


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