Monday, January 30, 2012

9 Days till Jesse comes Home!!!

We just got these great pictures and letter!!

Oh man oh man...

This week has been one of the greats. it was so fun we are just working hard.

This week we got to see Kasey Dagenais confirmed and we had almost all of our investigators at church it was so awesome we also were the special musical number Elder condiff Me and Michael Vargus we sand abide with me tis even tide. The only problem is that on thursday I noticed i was getting alittle bit horse. and on saturtad I couldnt barly talk. So i was prettty nervouse to sing in front of the ward and be cracking and squeeking the whole time so i said to our piano play sister pratt Im not gonna be able to sing we better find somebody to fill in. She just smiled and said I like when you sing it so you just go up there and crack and squeek away. sunday morning comes around and my voice was even worse I began to get alittle stressed and was again prodded by laura pratt and Elder Condiff that i should sing thinking the whole time of how embarrasing this was all going to be i was frustrated that no one would listen to me. and on top of that we had gotten almost all of our investigators to come due to the fact that we were singing. so church begins and our first speeker talked about 1ne ch 3 vrs 7. so i got the idea that if my hevenly father wanted me to sing i would be able to. well it worked when i got up there some how i managed to sing without a single crack or squeek. it was abit horse but it all was sung how it was supposed to. i was really greatful for the faith of sister pratt and my companion. because if i was left to the dicision myself i wouldnt have gone through with the singing.

After church they had a linger longer in my name and honor it was so nice of them i love the people here it made me really miss the place and I havent left yet. its amazing how every one of my areas has felt like home.

Well it turns out that the bike is on its way bro carson took it in and paid for every cent i cant believe it he wont tell me how much it was he dosent want me to pay him back I love those guys they have helped me so much.

so be expecting a bike sometime soon.

Well family ive got a crucial week ahead of me. Im excited and alittle nervous but i cant wait to see you guys. ill talk to you next week i love and miss you.

your son Elder J Wayne Burbidge


Monday, December 12, 2011


Dear Family.

well here it comes christmas is offically upon us. we have begun a tri-ward choir and we will sing on christmas day. It will be fun.

I really enjoy the burbank 3rd ward we just need a little more success.

I am having a great time with elder condiff he is a good elder and high energy I love it. Im having a good time just working as hard as I can these last months.

this week we taught quite a few lessons and were able to see quite a few people that we needed to this week it was great we even went and made penut butter balls with the carsons it was fun and they were good.

today i think we are going bowling it should be fun the rain is coming down pretty good outside its lots of fun I love the rain.

well I dont have a ton to report on. I hope all is well with you and those at home. im still trying to think of something for tone and jen are they gonna be at their house or ours ? I will let you know what Im doing next week.

well I love you tons and miss you the same

love your son Elder J WAyne Burbidge

Monday, December 5, 2011


Oh man..

It has been a great week. Its crazy how fast thes days weeks months and transfers are going by. especialy right now Im having the time of my life.

Right now we have a huge teaching pool we have some where around 12 investigators but none of them seem to want to keep commitments and for me that really becomes quite draining. so out of a little frustration we put off some of our ETERNAGATORS and went and knocked the crap out of burbank. as per usual no success but I told my compoanion just as a little joke to liven our spirits " BECause of our knocking today a new investigator will show up at church and sha bam there she was and all she had to say to us was hey its good to finaly meet you I want to be a mormon. It felt good I think she will progress quickly but we will see. Its always better to do missionary work the lords way.

well Im having a little bit of trouble coming up with gift Ideas but Im sure I can come up with somthing I will let you know. thanks for the money I think I will be sending my bike home next month so yeah thats when you can be expecting it. tell dad he dosent have to put it together I think I will probably have to take it to a bike shope to get it put back together.

I miss you so much Im so greatful that you and dad decided to be together forever Ilook up to you so much I want to have and eternal companionship like you and dads.

well zone conference was pretty dern good we had alot of really good trainings and we gave one as well.

well I love you much and hope all is well we are just working our holiday butts off and its been super fun.

with love your son
Elder J wayne Burbidge

Monday, November 28, 2011


Well another week has passed us by and It ws great. My companion and i are still on top of the world.

Thanksgiving was so fun i made apple pie and we took it over to the mcguires house and had a wonderful time the were really impressed by the pie I just made some pie crust and then made an apple crisp in a pie pan it was way good. then after dinner we went to one of our investigators houses he was all alone for thanksgiving this year so we took the leftovers we reacevd from the mcguires and i made and extra pie and then we headed over to cheer up good old gary bell it was fun and he seemed to really enjoy it so Win.

The zone is doing good we are starting to see a little bit of and increase in our numbers we try not to focus on numbers but rather on people but as preach my gospel says it numbers reflect the desires of the heart. Its sure been fun to have a greenie in our zone weather. Its fun to see how much a brand new missionary lifts the work accross the whole zone. I love good old Elder Yovanno he has gotten over the shy what the crap did i sign up for stage and is biking his little heart out so he is doing good.

your thanksgiving sounded fun I love when lots of people come over and lots of food is available.

Im sorry to hear about tones adventure. so do we have a way to get to the logging roads these days? last i heard we were going to make a trail from don lakes place is that still going to happen?

well tomorrow is zone conference and our zone is hosting which means i am conducting kinda funny but we are also giving a training on companionship study it will be fun. we just had a mission wide leadership conference and president asked my companion and me to give a training on how to begin teaching it was fun we had a good time and it was a good training.

well today we went over to the carsons and washed our car and did our laundry then we came home and tidded up the place and now after we are done emailing we are going to play circle ball in studio city. so A pretty average pday but a fun one.

this week will be good we have lots of appointments set up. we will be busy.

how did ducatti like Foxy?

as far as christmas presents i dont think ill need to much seeing how Im coming home in almost two months im just working on a way to send my bike home brother carson is going to help me pack it and what not but I dont have any idea how much it will cost yet probably somewhere around $75.

well I love you all family and i think about you daily but no need to worry my hand has been set to the plow.

love your son
Elder J Wayne Burbidge

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Well dear parents I love you guys.

Week one of transfer number 15 has come to an end and found me just as happy as can be. i love my new companion He is so excited to do the work with a happy heart its great. And I dont feel as tired or stressed Its like a breath of fresh air.

This week we had a greenie come to us from virginia it was great we got to go pick him up from the mission home with his trainer and It was so fun to see him in the rearview mirror trying to take it all in that this was where he would be for the next two years. im gladd he came to our zone family.

We made lots of progress in our wards in the stake we had a special ward mission leader/ bishop training by president martin and president klenk our stake president we were asked to come. it was great several times as both presidents were testifying the spirit was just so strong you could almost reach out and stuff your pockets full. i loved it we talked about ward mission plans and how to have them be more than a checklist but have them actually use divine revelation to guide them.

well life is pretty swell out here we are just getting ready for the holidays and trying to come up with creative Ideas to fully utilize our holiday time in contacting families and what not. I love it all sister sarah carson wants you to send her the recipe for penut butter balls and coconut balls.

well I love you much hope this email finds you well

love your son Elder J Wayne Burbidge

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Well Im thankful for just about everything. Im thankful for a chance of a life time to follow in the saviors footsteps and be a missionary. Im thankful for a family at home who loves and supports me no matter what I do, a dog you loves me unconditional as well, im greatful for my senses and t6he ability i have to take in all the beauty around me. im thankful for a supportive home ward and a supportive ward out here im greatful for all of the trials ive had to get me where i am now and the lesssons Ive learned duing them Im great ful for the proccess of being tried and tested because it always leads me to the savior Im geartful for a savior and that i can always trust him even when i cant trust anyone else or others loose trust in me I know that the savior will always stand by me and shore me up. \

well i just got an email from Elder Payton Newell and he is training how awesome is that. i just got a new companion and Im still in the same ward im pretty sure Ill be here till i go home I love it here this transfer is the christmas transfer Im excited. For thanksgiving we are going to multiple houses I beleive adn at one im even making pie crust i think I need to practice mom will you send me the recipe??

im really putting all my effort to raising the productivity in this zone we have some good greenie fire this transfer and im expecting big things I can feel it. My new companion already sounds and seems like my new best friend I think we are going to have alot of successes these last two transfers.

I talked to two of our investigators who are awaiting there bar exam results this week about what you said about becoming a lawer and they said that they enjoyed law school because they got a bachalors degree in what they would enjoy and then took a 2 year break from school and the end of which they were ready to go back to school so maybe lawering is still in the cards but Im liking the forestry Idea.

well Ive had my first taste of eggnog for the season and that pretty much means bufford is moving back in for the holidays Im gonna let him stay probably.

well i love you guys and hope all is well. Im working just as hard and as smart as I can i love your prayers.

love Elder J Wayne Burbidge